Original HVLP Easy Sprayer

Original HVLP Easy Sprayer



Product Information

The Original Easy sprayer also known as the “little beaver” is ideal for use with water and acrylic based paints. It has an air cap adjustment to produce horizontalor vertical spray and a paint control knob to adjust flow of paint with setting for overhead spraying. Simple trigger action.

The Easy Sprayer spray painting outfit is designed to save you time, money and aching wrists. the GEPRO Easy Sprayer features a super Strong, freestanding body designed for greater maneuverability. Efficiency describes Easy Sprayer perfectly. Now those tiresome large surface area painting jobs are cut down to size with a extra large spray pattern. Easy Sprayer comes complete ready to go and is ideal for those tough painting jobs – furniture, fences, decking, woodwork, etc. The GEPRO Easy Sprayer also comes complete with two nozzle attachments for quick inflation of airbeds, balloons, etc. Simply attach the appropriate nozzle to the hose and inflate the desired object. The GEPRO Easy Sprayer Special Edition (SE) model also includes an extra paint pot and a longer 3 metre hose

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Techinal Specifications

Air Supply:: 315 litres/min (10.9cfm) 15.5 kPa (22psi)
Power:: 1100 Watts
Container:: 900 cubic cm
Box Size:: 390mm x 360mm x 210mm

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